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Shugo Chara Episode 10: Come Forth, Honey!

“I will resolve this problem smoothly, desu!”

I think I am sort of late blogging this (it aired on Saturday), but I ended up contemplating for a very long time whether or not to wait for the winter season or dive right in and start with Shugo Chara Episode 10. As you can see, I decided the second option. Actually, it would have been more sensible to wait until Episode 11, but AYAKASHI is airing tonight and I want to blog that (it looks interesting 0.o). By the way, this will be the only fall show I will be blogging (because the other shows are coming to an end). The reason is that there are, God… 42 episodes left? And it’s the only show I have been watching obsessively, because it’s a magical girl show, and those kinds of shows have the best evil catboys. Yeesshhh…


Desu~ x_x! 

So anyway, today is the Amulet Clover transformation, which I have been anticipating for a while, because it’s the only one I haven’t seen in the manga, yet. I’m assuming it was a less-intense scene though with that loonnngg awwkkwaarddd silence (and because Amu didn’t know Utau, although that could possibly be because they dropped her in randomly four episodes later than they should have in the most pointless episode yet).


The anime seems to make it look like that thing around his neck is embedded there 0.o.

In short, basically Amu lost Su (it was pretty funny – I thought automatic doors can detect Shugo Chara’s >.>). It was really down to Yoru (who got lots of love his episode – nyah) and his cat friends, which meant there was also more Ikuto (making up for his absence in Episode 9 and eventual absence in Episode 11) who actually went over to Amu’s house to tell her that he knew where Su was (although he pretty much climbed over the balcony and back over again in the space of five seconds). I was actually surprised because Ikuto knew the names of Amu’s characters. ‘Kaaaay…


AmuxIkuto = ❤

So yeah… then Su finds a lost dog, who can’t make his way home because he can’t read is own collar (&^&£%$*!%& SERIOUSLY?!). So the two sort of make a Batman and Robin sort-of team and go around picking up lost wallets and… stuff… Then they go off chasing an X-Egg, like Hina Ichigo on that cat in Rozen Maiden (was it a cat…? I can’t remember… but Peach-Pit characters really must like riding household pets…) to find Ikuto. He eventually gets really angry and gets ready to attack Su but then *cough*EVILSHINKU*cough*- Utau walks in and kind of… makes him stop. She then takes over, resulting in a very high-pitched scream from Su. Actually, Ran and Miki said: ‘Did you hear that?’, but I imagined them saying ‘Ah! Her annoying voice!’. As a cat, I’m sure Ikuto covered his ears.


“Jun – this tea is too cold. I shall now attack you with my huge pigtails.”

Then some… trash talking/gibberish… happened, and resulting in a transformation and eventual awkward silence. There was then literally a second-long battle (where Utau just stood around), until she and Ikuto disappeared in the middle of the ‘HONEY’ attack. Yeah… I wouldn’t stand around and watch that either. In the end Utau says that she ‘lost’. WTF?! Did you even fight? Yeah, yeah, one itsy Shugo Chara… whatever. God, what is it with these Easter people? Are they idiots?


Oooh… shiny *_*

And so the dog got returned, the clover got put on the tree, and most importantly, Su and her annoying voice are back with Amu! Yay- oh, wait… 

Things I Learnt from this Episode: 

  1. Dogs can read. Read their own collars to be exact. In fact, if they can’t they get lost forever, and have to rely on Shugo Chara’s.
  2. Automatic doors cannot sense Shugo Chara’s.
  3. It is apparently very easy to take an X-Egg from Ikuto, even when you’re smaller than the egg itself.
  4. Taking X-Eggs, catching X-Eggs and eventually purifying the X-Egg is like a game of Ping-Pong.
  5. Whisks double as microphones.
  6. Honey is best for washing things, and apparently it doesn’t soak your dog either! Yup… next time I clean my room, I’ll be sure to use honey ~_^.


“Pichi, Pichi Voice- Live Start!”

Upcoming Attractions: Next episode looks like a Christmassy version of the beach chapter. Set at a ski resort. I would have preferred it to be set at the beach, but I’m not going to wait until next summer. I mean, surely by then Amu would be off with Ikuto, right? Holding hands with Tadase would probably end with a slap. ^_^

Speaking of slapping, there are a few people who really annoyed me the other day. I was watching the subs on Crunchy Roll (most of them were wrong anyway…) and then this one girl had to go and tell the word: “These subs are all wrong, I feel sorry for you all. I so lucky I know Japanese, I didn’t even have to read them.” That’s called bragging… and another girl said: “AH! So this iz it now! amu haz dun all her transformationz. OR HAZ SHE?!!??! DUN DUN DUN!!!” For a start, that‘s called a spoiler, and FYI, techically that’s not true. SPOILERS: She may have done character become with Utau’s Shugo Chara, but she hasn’t with Daiya, yet. That’s not to say she won’t in the future, but, still.


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