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Shugo Chara Episode 11: A Snowy Holiday!

“Let’s play ‘Where’s Ikuto?!’

I couldn’t think of a witty or relevant title for this episode, so we’re stuck with ‘A Snowy Holiday’, which was the title given originally. I was pretty happy with this episode, which probably didn’t make my day, because Shugo Chara Volume 1 came today for me, and I also got a McDonalds breakfast, but overall, it was a pleasant episode. I laughed a lot, and I think today Yaya has earned herself a spot on my ‘favourite character’ list. Just under Yoru and Kiseki. By the way, about the manga, I probably will do a review, but just really on how the Del Ray translation differs from the Japanese. Kay? On with the show!

“Misaki was right!

So, today was the ski episode. Yes, the one I have been dreading, because the manga chapter almost made me turn AmuxTadase *oh the horror*. Fortunately, they did everything else right, but the bit where she jumps at him, so it was OK. Haha. I actually thought the whole episode itself compared to the manga was far better set while they were skiing than at the beach, because it just seemed to add up better.



So, the Guardians are on holiday, because Kukai’s grandpa invited them. They spend the day skiing, and the Shugo Chara’s have one hell of a violent snowball fight (honestly, that Pepe really can throw…). Unexpectedly, Amu also did character become with Ran. For absolutely no reason whatsoever. I died laughing. At first, I was like ‘WTF?!?’, and then it sunk in it sunk in that she had done character become. I’m not sure if she’s becoming paranoid or showing off – I expect that it’s the latter – but I found it quite funny. I mean, there wasn’t even a X-Egg!



Because they were late going back to Kukai’s grandpa’s house, they ended up having to do some cleaning. Well, Kukai was kinda… slacking, and Ran in particular was flying about with her pom-poms going ‘Ganbare! Ganbare! A-mu-chan!”. Kukai decides to cheer up a depressed Yaya by suggesting they have a race. Everyone except Nadeshiko decides to join in, until her competitive side sudden comes into gear, and she ends up knocking everyone off the track, except Kukai. That is, until Temari sneaks a banana skin onto the track in an Ouran-esque style, causing Kukai to lose the race. Because they were racing, they had to do even more work, and start making dinner. Naturally, you’d assume it was a complete disaster, and it was, until Su came in, desu~. Even though it obviously wasn’t Amu, Tadase still complimented that she’d ‘make a good wife one day’.


There are so many reasons why you shouldn’t choose Tadase, Amu…

The next day, they go skiing again, but come across a competition. Instead of building with sand, they have to build with snow. Nadeshiko accidentally said ‘ouji-sama’ and it set Tadase off, stabbing at some snow. Because Amu couldn’t do it on her own, she asked Miki to perform chara-change, but Miki refused (‘YADDA’ XD) and so they had an argument. Later they all do some shopping and then head to a hot spring. Amu and Miki still haven’t made up at this point, so when they look at each other, Miki pulls her cap down like she’s a turtle XD.



Then some other stuff happened, and I’m not going to go too far into it, because for a start it was all AmuxTadase, and secondly, because I’m lazy, but basically the girl that Tadase ‘liked’ was a dog called Betty who died recently. Tadase goes on to say that he can see Betty again with Amulet Heart. Amu gets call depressed, not because he called her a dog without realising it, not because he like Ran better, but because of what Miki said. She goes back, and can’t sleep (Kukai can though – very well, sprawled across Tadase… XD). She has a talk with all her Shugo Chara’s and then they decide to go back to the snow-castle thing and build it properly, without Chara Change. Miki forgives Amu and then everyone else shows up. They finish the castle just in time for it to be judged, and although it was pretty good, it was not a building, really, so they didn’t win the competition… and so the point of this episode was…? -_-. At least I laughed… a lot.


Ah, the highlight of the episode – the preview!

The next episode is ‘Sorrow on Christmas Eve’. Ikuto is in the preview briefly. Like… for half a second. Really, I couldn’t even take a good screenshot. But, yeah, he’s in it. I really can’t wait for this one, beause it look super action-packed. I hope Amu does Miki’s transformation this episode (because it looks like she has a lot of eggs to purify, there). Yup.  By the way, I never actually got around to blogging Ayakashi, because I couldn’t even find Episode 1, anywhere.

And, on another note, it’s ten days to Christmas. I’ll say my ‘Merry Christmas’, when I blog Episode 12 of Shugo Chara. No CLANNAD until January 10th (I think)… :(. The more they delay CLANNAD, the more they delay season 2 of Haruhi. Grr.


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