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Shugo Chara Episode 10: Come Forth, Honey!

“I will resolve this problem smoothly, desu!”

I think I am sort of late blogging this (it aired on Saturday), but I ended up contemplating for a very long time whether or not to wait for the winter season or dive right in and start with Shugo Chara Episode 10. As you can see, I decided the second option. Actually, it would have been more sensible to wait until Episode 11, but AYAKASHI is airing tonight and I want to blog that (it looks interesting 0.o). By the way, this will be the only fall show I will be blogging (because the other shows are coming to an end). The reason is that there are, God… 42 episodes left? And it’s the only show I have been watching obsessively, because it’s a magical girl show, and those kinds of shows have the best evil catboys. Yeesshhh…

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